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Psychological counseling is used in many situations, including mental and physical health. Counseling works by helping clients objectively look at behaviors, feelings, and thoughts in situations they find troublesome. Psychological counseling can be effective in helping the client to learn more effective ways to deal with problems that they feel are stressful. There are many approaches to outpatient psychological counseling and various methods for it to take place — including individual, group, or family sessions. No matter where it takes place, all psychological counseling is a two-way process that works exceptionally well when the client and their psychologist communicate openly.

Our psychologists also perform Driving Anxiety Assessments. This assessment is recommended for clients experiencing in-vehicle psychological and behavioral hyper-arousal following a motor vehicle accident. Car accidents can be a traumatic experience and can result in fear of or anxiety related to driving or being a passenger in a vehicle. A driving Reintegration program is the best approach to treat your condition and devise a personalized treatment and care plan to target any car or driving-related anxiety you may be experiencing.


Your first visit will begin with a physiotherapist sitting with you to understand your condition. No two patients are alike, even if they have the same situation. We take the time to take a detailed medical history and perform a thorough physical examination. During this assessment, the physiotherapist will ask questions about your symptoms, previous medical record, and other relevant health information. You can tell us about any unique needs you have and any concerns you have too. Next, the physiotherapist will perform a physical exam related to your symptoms and may ask you to perform specific movements and exercises. Based on this, we will chalk out your goals, find the best approach to treat your condition and devise a personalized treatment and care plan.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Gender identity Issues

  • Relationship Problems

  • Struggles with Addictions

  • Other psychological struggles and challenges


  • Acute Stress

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks

  • Adjustment disorder

  • Driving Anxiety

  • Anger Management

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